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Project for the Capacity Building of the Joint Service Council for Solid Waste Management Launched in Hebron Governorate

The Project for the capacity building of the Joint Service Council  for Solid Waste Management was launched on the 13th of May 2012 at  Hebron Municipality as part of the Southern West Bank Solid Waste  Management Project.

 The project, with a total cost estimated at more  than 1 million US dollars, shall be implemented with support from the  Italian Government through the Italian Cooperation Agency and the  Palestinian Ministry of Local Government in partnership with three  Italian municipalities and the Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group  (PWEG).

The launching ceremony was attended by Hebron Mayor  Khaled Osaily, Chairman of the Joint Council for Solid Waste Management  in Hebron and Bethlehem Governorates, Dr. Victor Batarseh, Mayor of  Bethlehem and Vice Chairman of the Council, Mr. Moussa Al Froukh, Mayor  of S’air and member of the Council, Mr. Danieli Manchini, Deputy Mayor  of Pisiolli (Italy), Mr. Guido Angellini, member of the Municipal  Council of Capanori (Italy), Mr. Fabiano Martinelli, International  Cooperation Officer at San Giolino Termi Municipality, Mr. Munther Hind,  representative of PWEG, Eng. Yasser al Dweik, Executive Manager of the  Joint Council and Eng. Joudeh Morkoss, Executive Manager of the  Bethlehem Council.

At the beginning of the meeting, Osaily  expressed his gratitude and that of the Palestinian people for Italy’s  support of Palestinian institutions. “This support has greatly helped in  improving citizens’ lives, developing service-providing institutions,  supporting projects aimed at enhancing the quality of services and  enhancing staff capacities. This important top-notch environmental and  sanitation project shall serve 33 local councils in Hebron and Bethlehem  Governorates. It shall also develop capacities for the safe collection  and handling of solid waste and shall provide support to the Joint  Service Council which was created through an ideal partnership between  the two Governorates and which has succeeded despite some serious  challenges. Cooperation between local councils constitutes a strategic  approach to secure the best services to Palestinians in both  Governorates. The implementation of the Project shall start in a few  weeks when we receive the equipment and vehicles required for collecting  and handling solid waste. Moreover, several studies shall be initiated  on the most efficient ways to handle solid waste and on means to engage  citizens and enhance the capacities of staff working in the field of  solid waste management in all local councils which are part of the  project”, Osaily said.

At the end of his speech, Osaily  addressed his thanks and appreciation to the Italian Government, Italian  Municipalities, the Italian Cooperation Agency and the Italian  Representative Office in Palestine for the efforts they have made in  preparation for this Project. “Hebron Municipality is keen on furthering  cooperation with Italian Municipalities which I would like to invite to  the “E-Municipality” Conference co-organized by Hebron Municipality and  the Greater Amman Municipality at the end of June 2012”, he added.

Dr.  Batarseh spoke about the importance given by Palestinian municipalities  to the Solid Waste Management project as well as to the Government’s  Strategic Plan for the development of this sector. “Local councils  believe in the importance of cooperative partnerships to achieve success  and complementarity with a view to providing better services at a lower  cost. We must prepare a case study, assess the current situation in  both Governorates, understand our environmental and sanitation contexts  and communicate with inhabitants to ensure that we engage them and that  we achieve the project’s desired results so it can positively impact  Palestinians and their environment”, he added.

Mr. Manchini  lauded this great cooperation with Palestinian municipalities. “We  consider our partnerships with Palestinian municipalities as a step  towards more cooperation and exchange of experiences. Italian  municipalities have been working for many years to develop the  management and recycling of solid waste and we have made great progress  in this field that can be easily witnessed in our cities: the  environment has improved at a lower cost to inhabitants. We hope to be  able to transmit our experiences to you in this field”, he added.

At  the end of the meeting, and prior to a visit to several sections at  Hebron Municipality, Osaily offered his guests gifts that showcase the  history and magnificent artifacts of Hebron.

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