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Mayor Osaily Discusses Numerous Projects With Key KOICA Official

Hebron Mayor Khaled Osaily met on the 15th of August at  Hebron Municipality with Mr. Dong-ho Kim, Middle East and Latin America  Officer at the Korean Agency for Cooperation (KOICA) who was accompanied  by Mr. San Bak Li, KOICA Country Representative in Palestine

The meeting discussed means to enhance cooperation, examined the  needs of Hebron in terms of projects as well as the priorities of its  residents and institutions. It was also attended by Mr. Kamal Al Dweik  and Mr. Isaac Al Natsheh, members of Hebron’s Municipal Council as well  as by Mr. Allam Al Ashhab and Mr. Mahmoud Abou Sbeih from the  Municipality’s staff.

At the beginning of the meeting, Osaily spoke about joint projects,  mainly the Korean-Palestinian Center built at a cost of 6.5 million USD  and funded by the Korean Government through KOICA. The Center includes  an integrated school as well as a Youth Activity Center which is the  first of its kind in Palestine. Osaily thanked the Korean Government and  people for their support of Palestinians in general and Hebron in  particular. He lauded the efforts made by all those in charge of  development, educational, youth and health projects in Palestinian  Governorates. “We are now working to inaugurate the first Observatory in  Palestine which shall be hosted at the Korean-Palestinian Center thanks  to financial support from KOICA. I hope that President Abbas will be  able to attend its inauguration ceremony. Indeed, Hebron Municipality is  keen on enhancing technological developments at its various sections,  with a  special focus on youths who constitute the majority of the  Palestinian people. We hope to further our cooperation in fields related  to youths, education and cultural exchanges”, he said.
Mr. Dong-ho Kim said he was delighted and satisfied with this visit  to Hebron Municipality and that he looked forward to further fruitful  cooperation between the two bodies. “KOICA is keen on executing several  projects in Hebron and Jenin Governorates in the fields of health,  youths and education. A Biological Technology project shall be  implemented in Hebron in cooperation with the Polytechnic University. It  shall help enhance scientific research and technological developments  at the University”, he added.
Both parties then exchanged gifts before touring the Municipality and the Korean-Palestinian Center.

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