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Osaily briefs the US General Consul about the situation in Hebron

Hebron Mayor Khaled Osaily received in his office on the  1st of December the US Consul General Mr. Daniel Rubenstein who was  accompanied by Ms. Mary Alexander from the Consulate’s Economic Section  and Mr. Mohanad Al Jaouni, Economic Advisor. The visit aimed at  discussing conditions in Hebron and getting acquainted with its living  conditions

After welcoming his guests, Osaily spoke about  Israeli occupation violations in Hebron, conditions in the Old City, the  impact of closures and checkpoints on Palestinians at all levels and  the key role that the US can play to pressure the Israeli government to  ease the suffering of the city’s population.

“Hebron inhabitants  wish to live a normal life like all other nations. They aspire to a  decent, stable, secure and safe life. Neither economic development nor  an improvement in daily life can be achieved without a political  breakthrough and real stability. The US Administration should support  President Abbas’s calls for ending settlement activities which  constitute a main obstacle preventing peace in the region. The free  world must take steps to ensure the immediate respect of Human Rights  treaties and of international resolutions which call for the protection  of civilians and for safeguarding their right to live in freedom,  dignity, security and stability. All influential powers in the world,  especially the USA, must exert pressure on Israeli occupation  authorities to force them to respect these resolutions as well as the  peace process”, he said.

Osaily stressed the importance of  ensuring a normal life for Palestinians and of supporting vital and  infrastructure projects in the OPT. He touched on the great achievements  made in the past few years and reaffirmed that Palestinians are keen on  building their State and Governorates despite obstacles imposed by  Israel. He focused on achievements made in the fields of sports and  youths and the new start-of-the-art facilities built in the city. He  also called on the US Consul to urge his government to support Hebron’s  request for inscription on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, touching on the  recommendations adopted by the Paris Conference which underline the  city’s merit and numerous sites which deserve to be inscribed on the WHL  with a view to protecting them and safeguarding their value. “During  the Conference, international experts presented several papers and  studies which focused on Hebron’s unique historical values, indicating  that the city’s history and archeology surpass those of other cities  inscribed on the List”, he added.

Mr. Rubenstein said he was very  happy with his visit to Hebron and with his meeting with its Mayor. He  expressed his admiration of the level of administrative development  achieved by the Municipality, the high quality services provided to  inhabitants and projects realized lately. It is very important to  improve the economy, promote education and improve services provided to  Palestinians, he said, adding that his country seeks to achieve regional  peace and stability through direct negotiations between the  Palestinians and Israelis. He also hoped to see the conflict end and  peace prevail in the region.

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